Now more than ever your online presence matters.

bring your business online using our tools and expertise.

Online & Offline Strategy

Your customers expect a seamless experience, whether they are shopping online, or in one of your retail locations.  We can help you set up a fully integrated approach, where we put your customer in the center.

Odoo has powerful Point of Sale and e-Commerce apps that can give your customer the experience he is looking for. We can give your customer a full historical overview of his orders, and allow him to re-order with ease.  

The combined data allows us to trigger automated marketing campaigns, maximizing customer retention and satisfaction.

Conquer the web with confidence

Online Store Development

Your online store far exceeds what a simple website or storefront can offer.  You want to bing your unique customer experience online.  From a bespoke worksuit configurator to a personal wine assistant, we can help your vision become reality. 

Odoo gives you a powerful web framework that is open and extendable. We can rapidly prototype new ideas, and provide full integration with your back-office.

Let's build your vision

Real Time Inventory

Your inventory is the heart of your business. Odoo allows you to keep track of your stock levels, in real-time.

Odoo turns your tablet into a fully functional Point of Sale. We integrate barcode scanning, payment terminals and cash registers.  

Your Online Store integrates effortlessly with your retail stores, allowing customers to pick up a delivery in the store, consult in-store inventory, and manage everything from product reviews to returns in a powerful customer portal.

Control your Inventory


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