Odoo EDIFACT Suite

By integrating Odoo with EDI, your company can automate its business processes and improve efficiency, accuracy, and visibility.

Here are some of the advantages of using EDI:

  • Improved efficiency: EDI can automate the exchange of business documents between trading partners, which can save businesses a significant amount of time and money.
  • Increased accuracy: EDI can help to improve the accuracy of business data. This is because EDI messages are standardized, which means that they are less likely to contain errors.
  • Enhanced visibility: EDI can help to improve visibility into the supply chain. This is because EDI messages can be used to track the status of orders and shipments.
  • Improved compliance: EDI can help businesses to comply with government regulations.

All Supported EDIFACT Messages

  • ORDERS D93A, D96A
  • INVOIC D93A, D96A
  • ...

Odoo Integrated Messages

Sales Orders

ORDER creates quotations orders in Odoo.
ORDRSP sent to client on confirmation.

PRICAT can be used to interface product catalogues and pricelists

Purchase Orders

When the RFQ is sent, an ORDER message is sent to vendors.  If they send ORDRSP, the purchase order gets confirmed


DESADV messages are sent to your customer when a shipment is completed.
INVRPT can be used with your 3PL to sync stock


INVOIC messages are sent to your customer when an invoice is confirmed and sent.
REMADV messages can be read to automate your payment flow

Supported Network Connections


We can read and send messages over email


We can fetch and drop messages on remote servers


We can interface with the X400 network for legacy connections


We can interface with AS/2 to have a confirmed synchronized exchange of messages

Simple Pricing

License Fee

35 .00

/ route / month
  • Transaction Logging
  • Error Handling
  • User Configuration

Traffic Fee

€​ 10 .00

/ 1000 tokens
  • Delivery of messages
  • 30 day message retention 
  • x400 uses 1 extra tokens

Support Pack

50 .00

/ month
  • ticket based support
  • Direct access to the dev team
  • Same-day ticket response

If you need more help getting the most out of your Odoo setup.

We also offer bespoke consulting for your entire Odoo implementation in a wide variety of industries.